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Our talent lead gen software is the game changer for recruitment teams today. However, we know that everyone thinks they need recruitment CRM, so we have created #FreeRecruitmentCRM.

This is a free recruitment CRM that is built for:

  • Recruiters who need somewhere to manage relationships with their candidates and manage vacancies
  • Recruitment sourcers who want a platform that they can add candidates to who they will speak to at a later date
  • Recruitment administrators who think their existing ATS or CRM is too complex.
  • HR specialists who recruit but want to avoid CRM and ATS products that are too expensive

Features include:

  • Storage for 1,000 candidate records
  • Add new candidates when you identify them – or request a bulk import via our support team.
  • Keep a record of the contact that you have with candidates by telephone or face-to-face.
  • Store candidate CV and other relevant documents against their record.
  • Send emails to individual candidates through the platform and track when the candidate opens them.
  • Create and export candidate report.

If you work in HR or recruitment and would like to join the queue for a #FreeRecruitmentCRM account, please fill in the form below.

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